4 apps to use with Obsidian
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4 apps to use with Obsidian

As great as plugins are, I still need help from other apps to complete my workflow.

1. @draftsapp I have been using the Obsidian Mobile App to view my vault, but I have been using drafts to capture ideas on the go quickly. It has widgets, opens quickly and actions to speed up ideas while travelling.

2. @Noodle_HazelI use Hazel to move files created in Drafts and many other files into my Obsidian vault. It does this by automatically moving, sorting, and renaming files I have created in apps into my Obsidian vault.

3. @hookmarkappI have been using Hookmark to create links on my Obsidian notes to other apps.

4. @CleanShot I have been using CleanShot to quickly take screenshots and grab text on screens to copy into Obsidian