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The purpose of this blog is to bring together 20 years of thoughts, ideas, products and systems that I have used to share with people to help them lead a simpler, productive and easier life.

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5 powerful techniques to improve your productivity
Do you find yourself overwhelmed with tasks, decisions and time management issues that leave you drained and with dread? Or do you download the latest productivity apps hoping it will sort out your responsibilities and make your life easier? I know I have. The reality is everyone is different. Every…
5 practical strategies to make good habits successfully
If you are someone who is looking to achieve your goals by developing good habits, I have listed out some of the techniques I use to stick to new habits that I am trying to implement. In January 2020, I decided to challenge myself to 31 days of rowing. My
5 steps to study with Obsidian
OverviewI have to study for a British Computer society exam. The exam covers topics from a textbook plus four different courses that I have attended. Each of those courses comes with printed slides. To study for this exam, I wanted to create a workflow that will incorporate the following techniques

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