4 Questions I ask when creating notes in Obsidian
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4 Questions I ask when creating notes in Obsidian

When creating notes from content going to Obsidian, I ask the following questions to help me process the note.

1. What is the purpose of this note? There is so much content I consume that I need to ask, is there any purpose to the note in my vault? If the note does not add value to your vault, it will start cluttering and act as a distraction.

2. What ideas do I want to include in my note? Paraphrasing the note helps me identify ideas and remove the filler. Extracting the idea helps me focus on what I want from the note and discover new ideas.

3. How/where will I use it in my ideas? I found it helpful to link knowledge and ideas to my existing ideas. I do this by using tags or linking to other notes.

4. Do I have questions? Finally, I list some further questions as I process the note. These further questions help me research other ideas, particularly when I revisit the note.