7 Features of my Organised Thought Obsidian Vault
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7 Features of my Organised Thought Obsidian Vault

End of last year, I decided to start a new project.  

This project aims to provide Obsidian beginners with a template vault to help reduce the friction of implementing their workflows in Obsidian.

You can download the vault for free here.

The vault covers the following features:

1) Dashboard
The purpose of the Dashboard is to show how different parts of the vault can come together to create workflows.

2) Goals
The goal markdown aims to track goals, progress, task and blockers.

3) Task management
Task management aims to help users create tasks within the vault and help track their progress.

4) Zettlekastens notes
For users of Zettlekasten, I created a set of notes that users can customise to support the process.

5) Daily Notes
For users wishing to journal, I created the Daily notes template to help create notes for journaling.

6) Weekly Notes
I created a customised note template for users who want to reflect every week.

7) Project Management
For users who want to project manage, I created the following:

  • Project Notes and folder structures to track project notes
  • Index note to list out the notes
  • View the Dashboard to track different projects

If you are interested in getting started with Obsidian, I hope this reduces the friction of using it.  Tweet me if you find any issues or have ideas on how I can improve it.