5 Features of Obsidian Canvas
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5 Features of Obsidian Canvas

I have been moving my mind maps from Miro to Obsidian Canvas. These are the features I used the most.

1. Cards Cards are rectangular shapes you can add to a Canvas. You can change the outline colour. However, at the moment, you can not change the shape of the card.

2. Add a note from Vault. You can add a note from your Vault onto the canvas. It shows the title and content of the note. You can also update the content of the note directly on the canvas.

3. Add resources, Images, and embed links. You can add images and embed links such as websites and youtube videos.

4. Arrow You can add arrows to connect cards, notes and images. The arrow automatically adapts to the items it links to. In addition, you can label the arrow.

5. Snap to grid and alignment Canvas allows you to switch on snap to grid to organise items. Alignment allows you to align items. Hopefully, there will be more functionality to organise the items when the mind map becomes more complex.

6. Groups Each card or  Note can be added to a group. I have been using this as a status to remind me which cards or notes I need to complete.

Overall I am happy to move across my mind maps. This is particularly useful as I start my next set of exams.