5 things to share in June 2022
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5 things to share in June 2022

Hello everyone,

Here's what I want to share this month!

Focus mode

On iOS 15, Apple provides a Focus mode. Focus mode lets users switch between different modes, which allows them to set which notifications can come from which people and apps, set the home screen to the user's choice, and control how the lock screen appears.

The primary focus mode I use is work. Therefore, I limit notifications to only family in work mode and only show work-related apps.

I created an automated shortcut to switch this work mode on at 9 am and turn it off at 5 pm.

After using it for a week, I was less distracted at work, and I was surprised to see how many notifications I received at the end of the day.


An app recommended by a viewer that I have started using is Espanso

This app aims to help speed up typing by acting as a text expander.

My favourite features are implementing templates and support configuration between platforms.

I mostly use it to save me typing out addresses, email, phone numbers and websites.

One of the features that I have not seen in other text expanders is forms. Forms allow you to set up a keyword which triggers a form that you can populate with multiple inputs to populate a template that you have set up.

The form feature helps send repetitive emails with different sender names.

It's a free app and worth trying to see if it helps your workflow.


After going back to work in a physical environment, I have started using the Rocketbook in meetings.

Rocketbook has reusable pages. Pages can wipe down these pages after use.

But what I particularly like is the accompanying app that allows you to take pictures and upload them. I am uploading it to my OneNote app, which I saved for later use.

Book Search Obsidian plugin

A new plugin that is available in Obsidian is called Book Search.

This plugin pulls in metadata about a book and includes the title, author and cover image.

I have been using it to populate the metadata for notes I have created for audiobooks and Blinkist summaries.

I have incorporated it into the book reading workflow, which previously had notes from ebooks via Readwise.

Quote of the month

"People who jump from project to project always divide their effort, and producing high-quality work becomes difficult without intense effort.

Meanwhile, your average workday can be leisurely yet productive if you return to the same project each day.

Do one thing well and watch it compound." - James Clear.

One thing I gave up in my thirties was multitasking.

I thought by multitasking, I was more productive and more efficient, and it would help me climb the corporate ladder. But really, it led to more stress. I was letting people down and failing to deliver.

When we embrace single-tasking, we work on the most urgent and most important tasks. We force people to decide the priority and develop our skill to say no.

We produce our best work, add value where it's needed and give ourselves a chance to succeed.

Thanks for reading,



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