Focus on your system newsletter - Issue 05 - 03-Jun-2024
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Focus on your system newsletter - Issue 05 - 03-Jun-2024

Hello everyone,

Here's my latest newsletter to help with your systems.

App I am using:

One of the apps I use for tracking sleep is called SleepCycle.

I discovered SleepCycle while searching for an alternative to wearable sleep trackers. The app’s has features to monitor sleep cycles without the need for additional hardware, making it an attractive option as I don’t like wearing the AppleWatch when I sleep.

Its user-friendly dashboard that presents a sleep quality score is particularly beneficial, as it helps me understand the impact of my pre-sleep routines on overall sleep health.

On several occasions, SleepCycle has helped me identify patterns in my sleep related to dietary choices. By adjusting my eating habits based on feedback from the app, I significantly improved my sleep quality and overall daily energy levels.

Regular use of SleepCycle has allowed me to fine-tune my bedtime routines, leading to more restful sleep and better mental clarity during the day. It has also made me more conscious of factors that adversely affect my sleep, such as caffeine and screen time.

A notable drawback is the app’s occasional failure to detect short periods when I wake up at night. However, understanding that no app is perfect, I focus on the overall trends and actionable data it provides.

I use SleepCycle nightly, placing my phone on the mattress as part of my bedtime routine. The morning reports help me adjust my activities and habits to optimise my sleep for the following night.

Looking ahead, I hope to see enhancements in the app’s sensitivity to detect wakefulness during the night. Additionally, integration with other health monitoring devices could provide a more holistic view of one’s health and wellness. These improvements would make SleepCycle even more indispensable to users seeking comprehensive health insights.

Book I am reading:

One of books I have been reading is Why we sleep by Matthew Walker.  I was drawn to the book based on Matthew Walker’s podcast guest spots where he discusses why sleep is critical role in our health. 

The book not only met but exceeded my expectations by providing actionable advice that has  impacted my daily routine.

Walker’s writing is clear and authoritative, yet approachable, which made complex scientific concepts about sleep easily understandable. His examples where practical and relatable and helped my reading experience, making the scientific discussions more accessible.

Three actions that I took away from the book were to

  1. Stick to a sleep schedule.  I now have a routine that I follow before going to sleep at 10pm.  I am in bed by 9.30 to read on my Kindle.
  2. I started having a hot shower before bed at 9pm as part of my routine.  It makes me more relaxed and clean before bed.
  3. I avoid large meals before bedtime ensuring there is a two hour gap.  Sleeping on lighter stomach seemed to mean I have better quality sleep through out the night.

I would definitely reread and recommend gifting this book to others. Its invaluable insights and practical tips for improving sleep make it a must-read for anyone interested in enhancing their health.

Tech that I am looking at:

Recently, I’ve been exploring an innovative sleep technology called Sleep 8, which has garnered attention from various YouTubers. This device focuses on enhancing sleep quality by regulating bed temperature through a cooling system embedded in a mattress cover, designed to optimize your sleep environment.

The standout feature of Sleep 8 is its advanced temperature control system. The ability to adjust the warmth or coolness of my bed caught my attention because it promises to tailor the sleeping environment to individual preferences, potentially improving sleep quality.

I hope in the future versions of Sleep 8 could include more granular temperature controls and possibly integration with health tracking devices to automatically adjust settings based on real-time health data. These improvements could further personalise sleep optimisation.

EDC that I own:

For over a year, I’ve relied on the Alaska Bear sleep mask to enhance my sleep, especially when my wife prefers to leave the light on. Recommended by a Tim Ferris podcast, this mask has become a staple in my Travel EDC. It’s particularly useful during long flights or in hotel rooms, where, combined with my noise-cancelling headphones, it effectively blocks out both light and sound.

The ALASKA BEAR sleep mask stands out due to its soft, lightweight silk material and adjustable strap, which ensure comfort without putting pressure on my eyes or head. This design not only enhances sleep quality but also prevents hair tangling and skin irritation, makes it better than the ones I have used before.

On a particularly gruelling international flight, surrounded by  cabin noise and shifting lighting, the mask proved its worth. It allowed me to disconnect completely, coupled with my trusty Sony M4 noise cancelling headphones helped me get  several hours of restful sleep.

Methods I have tried to implement:

When I found myself tossing and turning, overwhelmed by my thoughts, I realised I needed a reliable system to declutter my mind before bed. This prompted me to adopt the practice of writing a ‘stress list’ each night.

Here’s how I integrate this method into my daily schedule: every evening, about an hour before bed, I dedicate 10 minutes to jot down anything that’s causing me anxiety or occupying my mind excessively. This process serves as a mental shutdown sequence, signalling to my brain that it’s time to ease into sleep mode.

If throughout the night I have trouble sleeping I trying and add to the stress list.

The primary tool I use for this technique is Apple Notes on my iPhone. Its simply ensures that I can quickly capture thoughts . The app syncs across all my devices, making it easy to add or review notes anytime when I want to deal with my stresses.

Immediately upon starting this method, I noticed a significant decrease in nighttime anxiety and an increase in sleep quality. My mind seemed lighter, unburdened by the loop of daytime concerns.

With a clearer mind each morning, I am more focused and effective throughout the day. Stress levels have noticeably dropped, and I handle daily pressures better

How about you? Have you discovered any tools, books, or methods recently that have transformed your approach to work or life? I’d love to hear about it drop a message to me on X.

Until next time, keep optimising and stay practical!

Thanks for reading,


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