Focus on your system newsletter - 14th May 2024
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Focus on your system newsletter - 14th May 2024

Hello everyone,

Here's my latest newsletter to help with your systems.

App I am using:

Have you ever faced the dilemma of sticking with the old or embracing the new? That's where I'm at with Grammarly, an app that's been my go-to for checking spelling and grammar over the past three years. Its effectiveness gave me the confidence to share my thoughts with the world.

However, its lack of native macOS support has added an extra step to my workflow—shuffling content into its web app. 

Enter FixKey, a fresh alternative built natively for macOS. Like Grammarly, it checks spelling and grammar but integrates seamlessly with apps like Obsidian, streamlining my process. This switch might be the system boost I've been seeking!

Book I am reading:

My evenings are spent flipping through the pages of Slow Productivity by Cal Newport. 

Newport challenges our perpetual "busy" mode, advocating for a focus on quality, a reduced task list, and working at a natural pace. While these principles resonate deeply for personal projects, the corporate world often demands a trade-off between quality, cost, and time. 

If we reduce time, we can reduce money, but quality will be reduced. 

If we choose quality, either time or money will have to increase.  

But that is the reality of work; if you work in a corporate company, quite often, you don't have the control to apply the solutions Newport puts forward.

Tech that I am looking at:

The recent unveiling of the new iPad Pros was a spectacle of innovation, sparking curiosity for techies like myself. 

As a proud owner of an older, non-M-chip iPad Pro, I enjoy its utility in my creative efforts in coffee shops and parks. 

Yet, this time, the leap in hardware hasn't been matched by software advancements, making an upgrade less enticing. 

While tools like LumaFusion remain staples in my creative toolkit, the subscription model of Final Cut, exclusive to M-Chip iPads, leaves me hesitant to upgrade to use the full power of the new iPads.

EDC that I own:

On the front of everyday carry, my transition to devices supporting USB 3.0 has been a game-changer. 

One particular gem I've found is the Magtame USB-C cable, which uses magnets to coil itself—no more wrestling with tangled cables! 

It's little innovations like this that remind us how minor tweaks can lead to significant improvements in our daily routines.

Methods I have tried to implement:

A recent incident at home—a water leak—reinforced an invaluable lesson: the power of measurement. 

Alerted by my water company about unusual usage, I quickly got a plumber who pinpointed and addressed the leak, significantly reducing my water bill. 

This experience mirrors the importance of tracking progress in all aspects of life. 

By measuring our steps towards our goals, we can spot deviations early and steer back on course, ensuring we reach our desired destinations efficiently.

How about you? Have you discovered any tools, books, or methods recently that have transformed your approach to work or life? I'd love to hear about it drop a message to me on X.

Until next time, keep optimising and stay practical!

Thanks for reading,



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