5 productivity tips for part-time creators
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5 productivity tips for part-time creators

Life as a part-time creator is challenging as you have accommodated full-time job, social life and family commitments. These are some things that I have implemented to make my life easier.

1. Find Your Workflow - When you start creating, it takes time to develop your workflow. Once started, it's often easier to see other people's systems and adjust to your needs.

2. Automation Tools such as @zapier help you speed up your workflow

3. Set goals and priorities - Setting goals for content creation helps you work out priorities. For example, your goal might be to publish weekly for three months.

4. Create a schedule and stick to It - Book your calendar and plan what you want to publish in advance.

5. Be flexible - Juggling a full-time job with part-time creator life means being flexible. I try and review my notes and content when I am travelling to work and create content during my lunch break