5 Features of Craft AI Assistant
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5 Features of Craft AI Assistant

I was excited to see @craftdocsapp was available on @Setapp, So I installed it, which is what I learnt.

1. Summarise I loaded in one of my previous articles and asked Craft AI Assistant to summarize. It did a fantastic job incorporating all the major points into a cohesive paragraph.

2. Generate Keywords and Hashtags I used my previous articles to generate keywords and hashtags. The hashtags were excellent; I used them as tags to link my notes. The keywords list was slightly longer but helped identify new tags.

3. Generate Title The title that Craft AI came up with was much better than I saw in others AI writers and was in the context of the article. I put it through the @monsterinsights headline analysis, and it scored 61, so it needed some work

4. Continue writing. This feature generated new paragraphs that I could have added to the article. Again the Assistant worked great with paragraphs that fitted perfectly in the article and acted as a filler if I needed to flesh out my article.

5. Create a template about this topic. I gave Craft AI Assistant a title to write about in this scenario. It generated an article with a great intro and a compelling hook. The contents themselves were light but were an excellent place to start.

Overall the Craft AI Assistant is the best I have tried so far. The team who created it must have spent a lot of time working out what note-takers and writers needed and implemented it in a way that added value.