4 mental models everyone should learn
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4 mental models everyone should learn

I use mental models to enhance my problem-solving and decision-making process. The following are the ones I refer to the most.

1. 80/20 principle This principle states that 80% of the result comes from 20% of the effort. I use this often when I am thinking about creating content. 80% of viewers and readers only come from 20% of my content. So I focus on those content.

2. Cycle of improvement This model states you need to continually look for ways to improve if you want to improve a skill. I have applied this to creating YouTube videos. Early videos are simple, but I improved one area in each video. Audio->Editing->Thumbnails

3. Systems thinking This model reminds me to think about interconnected parts, not just individual pieces. I always start with a Twitter thread with my ideas, then an article on my blog and finally, a script for my YouTube video

4. Power of simplicity This model teaches us to keep things simple. When I get a process up and running and completed a few times, I think of ways to make it simpler for me as a part-time creator. What things can I remove to make my life easier? What can I automate?