5 features of Readwise and how I use it with Obsidian!
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5 features of Readwise and how I use it with Obsidian!

I list out some of the features I use with Readwise and alternatives that can be used to get similar functionality. There are many features of ReadWise which could help streamline your content creation workflow using Obsidian.

1) I use it to capture Twitter threads for useful summaries

2) I capture Kindle highlights to keep a record of the passages you were interested in for books you have read.

3) I capture Web article highlights via Instapaper to read later and transfer it to Obsidian once read.

4) I use the daily reads email to inspire content creation

5) and use the supplemental book highlights to capture highlights I might have missed or ones other people have noted


Readwise - www.readwise.io

The RIP - https://the.rip/ MarkDownload - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/markdownload-markdown-web/pcmpcfapbekmbjjkdalcgopdkipoggdi StoryShots - https://www.getstoryshots.com/home/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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