Focus on your system newsletter - 7th May 2024
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Focus on your system newsletter - 7th May 2024

Hello everyone,

Here's what I want to share this week!

App I am using: One of the apps that I have started using is ReadWise Reader. As a fan of the Readwise app, I find that the Reader makes connecting and highlighting text from different sources easier. I use it in three ways:

  • Managing newsletters I subscribe to: ReadWise Reader helps me organize and highlight valuable insights from newsletters I receive.
  • Read-it-later app integration: I use it as a Read-it-later app to add articles and content to highlight for future reference.
  • Highlighting text from YouTube videos: I also utilize it to extract key points and insights from YouTube videos, enhancing my learning experience.

All these activities lead to more highlights of sources I can add to my Obsidian Vault, allowing me to generate new ideas and insights.

Book I am reading: A new book I am diving into is "Feel Good Productivity" by Ali Abdaal. A full-time doctor and successful YouTuber, he emphasizes the importance of feeling good while working to enhance productivity.

One key takeaway I've applied is the concept of "Side Quests for Curiosity."

This involves incorporating small, enjoyable tasks into my workday to stay curious and engaged.

For example, while working on creating content, I set main goals like producing a YouTube video, but I also create side quests to keep me motivated. These quests include improving video quality by learning more about my camera or exploring new editing techniques.

Implementing the concept of side quests makes my goals more manageable and provides a boost when I achieve them.

Tech that I am looking at: I'm currently exploring Open-Source LLM using Ollama.

Ollama is an app that provides access to large language models, allowing users to interface with Python to generate and send prompts to LLM and receive responses.

I've been leveraging this tool for tasks such as data analysis of YouTube analytics and note summarization.

With LLM support from Meta and Google, it's an excellent option for those looking to move away from ChatGPT.

EDC that I am looking to buy: I recently supported a Kickstarter campaign for the WUBEN E1—The Ultimate EDC Phone Flashlight. 

This MagSafe-compatible torch is designed to be part of my everyday carry. 

Key features that caught my attention include:

  • the ability to use it in portrait mode, 
  • its detachable design, which allows it to be used independently
  • support for a three-colour temperature light.

This flashlight will be handy for evening outings where I want to capture photos and videos.

Methods I implemented: Improving consistency has always been challenging but critical to achieving success.

One method I've found effective is habit-stacking.

By identifying a habit I already perform regularly and adding a new habit to it, I've been able to build a routine of habits that support my goals and aspirations.

Thanks for reading, 


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